Since winning Lye and Stourbridge North from the Tories in 2004, Pete has led Labour through electoral success in Dudley as leader of the council between 2014-2017 and in 2018. 

From his proud Black Country roots, Pete is now working to build back trust between Labour and the communities Labour seeks to represent, by listening to voters and voices across the Labour Party, to rebuild Labour’s chances across the West Midlands.

A plan to

win for the west midlands

a plan to win

We must to build a plan to win back every single seat we've lost in the West Midlands and come back stronger following this defeat, to reconnect with the voters we've lost.

a bold policy plan

Let's get back to brass tacks and put together the policies that will transform the lives of working families right across our great region.

the next generation of candidates and organisers

Develop and train the next generation of talent across the West Midlands that reflects the diverse communities we seek to represent.